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  • Contemplating the Førde Fjord from Superhost Torstein’s cubic cabin might be the world’s best way to think inside the box. Hike the surrounding mountains or just follow the cows and sheep as they wander the wild landscape. In summer, wait until about midnight before heading down to the water for a sunset swim.

Photo: @cheyennedekeyser
  • Superhost Jay’s elegant apartment is perched on the coast of Yeong-do, the island that forms one corner of the city. If it’s your first time here, get your bearings by climbing Jangsan, a mountain just outside of town with views of the whole area. Once you come down, it’s up to you whether to spend your time deep inside this tub or deep inside a bowl of bibim milmyeon, the spicy local noodle specialty.

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  • The Bahamas’ natural gifts go far beyond sun, sea, and sand. As part of The Bahamas Sabbatical, you’ll explore local botanical traditions with farmers and gardeners on the island of Eleuthera. You’ll discover the healing properties of native plants, learn to make bush tea and other remedies, and even help conduct workshops to promote these deep-rooted traditions.

Apply by 11:59pm EST on February 18, 2020. Terms and conditions apply.
  • This studio in a 17th-century building across from the Duomo is for solo travelers only, but please don’t do anything rash. Instead of breaking up with your partner to come here, consider booking it for them after you’ve had your turn. Dani, your Superhost, designed the place for creative solitude, but you’ll hardly feel alone. Just ask and she’ll point you to her favorite walks and restaurants away from the crowds.

Photo: @girlgoneabroad

Your Missing Piece

The Project Station brand experience defines our clients’ interaction with our company, its people and communications. Every customer has a journey with our brand, both holistically and over time. When our customer and partners work with Project Station we want their experience to be: straightforward, engaging and inspirational, results driven and empowering.


Our people have the skills, experience and resourcefulness to realise opportunities, respond to project challenges and add value to clients’ needs.

  • Managing Director

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    Judson Musselman, PMP
  • Operations Director

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    Phil Knight
  • Senior Project Manager

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    Denise O’Shea
  • Junior Business Process Manager

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    Camille Dookie
  • Senior Business Analyst

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    Margit Mulder
  • General Manager

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    Emőke Denes


Collaboration is successful when every team member participates equally and has a voice. Project Station takes being “Your Missing Piece” very seriously and through strategic partnerships with our customers and full integration into their teams we are able to lead and harness the collective knowledge and experience of the team to achieve successful implementation of project objectives and benefits.


Not only do we feel strongly about our Brand but it also speaks to the methodology we use in selecting our employees. Our employees embody the same principals and perspective in which our Brand is defined. We know our reputation is built on the quality of our people and are always looking to add to the team. We strive to maintain excellence and much like our customers, we are always looking for that “Missing Piece”. If you think you would be a good fit, please drop us line and let’s find out.

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